Create a demo account

This demo simulates a random website that you just discovered. On your first visit, you are asked to register, and create some sort of a user profile. Scan the QR code on the signup page with your cipherwallet app, to transfer the data automatically.

Scan to log in

Once you finished the registration procedure, you may log in, once again by scanning the QR code displayed on the login page with the cipherwallet mobile app.

Scan to checkout

The same "scan the QR code to transfer data" procedure can be applied to filling in any kind of form. Here is an example of a checkout procedure in an internet store, that pulls your credit card data.

Now what?

Check our website. It tells you more about us.

How it works, use cases, pricing, privacy, security, FAQs. Everything's in there. And for what we forgot, you can always email us.

Integrate in minutes. Test-drive for free.

We have libraries and building blocks for quite a few languages (python, php, javascript) with some more to come soon. We also have a free subscription tier, so you can try before you buy. And we can help out during the adoption phase.

Talk to us. Tell us what you think.

Especially now in the beta phase, we would love to hear from you. Anything. Special requests, ideas, comments, likes or not. We know we can do better.

Start using it. As much as you need.

We can adjust our subscription plans according to your usage. And yes, we can accommodate as much usage as you need.

Or just keep the mobile app. It's free.

The mobile app is free and offers no advertising, no unexpected push notifications, no location tracking and no social sharing. It doesn't send invitations to all the names in your phonebook. It just does the thing it needs to do.